Hericium erinaceus, the scientific name of which is a type of edible mushroom, has long been valued in traditional Asian medicine. Modern scientific research confirms its medicinal properties, in particular:
🔸First and foremost, sea buckthorn contains unique bioactive substances such as erinacins and hericenones, which show potential in stimulating the production of nerve growth factor (NRF). This means that the mushroom not only restores nerve connections damaged by constant stress, but also those nerve endings that were damaged during alcohol consumption, injuries or inflammatory processes, such as arthritis.
🔸Also, the effect of these substances during learning is very noticeable, it is much easier for you to learn new material. This activity is very popular with students.
🔸Another essential effect of blackberry is that it "dissolves" myelin plaques thanks to the active substances erinacins.

Myelin plaques are one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease. These are dense deposits of a protein known as beta-amyloid that accumulate in the brain. These plaques are believed to cause neuronal dysfunction, leading to memory loss and other cognitive impairments typical of Alzheimer's disease and dementia in general.

In addition, sea buckthorn in scientific studies has shown good results in the treatment of such diseases as:
🍀 Diabetes
🍀 Depression
🍀 Insomnia
🍀 Cardiovascular diseases
🍀 Ulcers and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
🍀 Inflammatory processes (Arthritis)
🍀 Low immunity

Now let's consider what the red fly agaric is capable of.

It should be noted right away that the red mushroom (Amanita muscaria) is a toxic mushroom. To use this mushroom for medicinal purposes, it is necessary to use it in small doses and with caution.

The main active components of red fly agaric include muscimol and ibotenic acid. These substances can affect the central nervous system, causing altered states of consciousness, hallucinations, euphoria or sedation. Because of these properties, red amanita has been used in shamanic rituals in some cultures.

In numerous scientific studies, red fly agaric has shown itself well in the treatment of such problems as:
🔸 Depression
🔸 Insomnia
🔸 Anxiety states
🔸 Chronic fatigue
🔸 Alcoholism
🔸 Cancer
🔸Inflammatory processes

And also he:
🍀 improves memory
🍀 raises the general mood
🍀 improves clarity of thinking.

So now let's compare these two mushrooms.

The main active substances of these mushrooms are completely different and they affect the body in different ways. They are also very different in terms of toxicity, for example, hedgehogs can be taken by children, but fly agaric mushrooms should not be taken in any case.

There are problems (depression, arthritis, immunity, clarity of thinking and motivation) in which it is advisable to use these two mushrooms together to enhance the therapeutic effect. However, there are cases when these two mushrooms will conflict with each other, for example, in the treatment of insomnia, especially when taken in the evening.

So, in order to get the maximum benefit from taking these mushrooms individually or together, we recommend that you get a consultation with us and we will help you choose the best intake scheme for you.

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