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* It is not a medicine.

** This product does not contain narcotic and psychotropic substances and is legal on the territory of Ukraine.

Lion's mane extract is an exclusive product from Fungi Circle, a natural elixir of health created using only the best ingredients that have an incredibly positive effect on your body.

Lion's mane (Hericium erinaceus) mushroom extract enriched with erinacin A is a powerful concentrate that has a wide range of therapeutic properties. Erinacin A is a biologically active substance found only in Lion's mane, which is responsible for many of its beneficial properties.

Therapeutic actions:

  • Neuroprotective: Lion's mane extract enriched with erinacin A stimulates the growth and regeneration of neurons, improves memory, concentration, and cognitive functions.
  • Immunomodulators: increases immunity, fights infections, viruses and bacteria.
  • Anti-cancer: Studies have shown that erinacin A can stop the growth of cancer cells.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Neurotrophic: Protects nerve cells from damage.
  • Antioxidants: Neutralizes free radicals, which slows down aging and improves the general condition of the body, promotes longevity

The uniqueness of Erinacin A:
Studies have shown that erinacin A can stimulate the resorption of myelin plaques. Myelin plaques are abnormal growths that occur in the brain and spinal cord in certain neurodegenerative diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. These plaques are made of myelin, a fatty substance that surrounds nerve fibers and ensures the rapid transmission of nerve impulses.

How does erinacin A dissolve myelin plaques?

Erinacin A activates several molecular pathways leading to the resorption of myelin plaques. These ways include:

  • Stimulation of the immune system: Erinacin A stimulates the immune cells that are responsible for removing damaged myelin sheaths.
  • Inhibition of inflammation: Erinacin A reduces inflammation that can damage myelin sheaths.
  • Stimulation of regeneration: Erinacin A stimulates the regeneration of nerve fibers, which can help repair damage caused by myelin plaques.
  • Erinacin A is the most studied biologically active substance of Lion's mane.
  • It has high bioavailability, that is, it is easily absorbed by the body.
  • It is safe to take for a long time.

Diseases and problems with which the comb hedgehog can fight:

☘️ Neurodegenerative diseases: Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia.
☘️Depression and anxiety
☘️Chronic fatigue
☘️Weakened immunity
☘️Viral and bacterial infections
☘️Inflammatory diseases
☘️Heart diseases

The recommended dosage of erinacin A-enriched sea buckthorn extract is 3 capsules per day.

Why should you choose an extract:

🍀Greater bioavailability: This means that the body can better absorb and use the active substances contained in the extracts.

🍀More stable concentrations: The concentration of biologically active substances in mushroom extracts is more stable and evenly distributed than in fruiting bodies.

🍀Convenience of use: Extracts can be taken in the form of capsules. This makes them more convenient to eat than the fruiting bodies, which must be cooked, dried or eaten raw.

🍀In extracts, nutrients from mushrooms are brought to a balanced daily rate. But they need to be taken in smaller quantities to get the same health benefits.

🍀Mushroom bodies contain chitin, which is not digested by the body and can even cause allergic reactions, the extracts undergo a purification process in the laboratory and contain only useful nutrients, such as polysaccharides and beta-glucans

Of course, mushroom extracts will be more expensive than mushroom bodies. After all, the extraction takes place in the laboratory and requires a significant investment of time, as well as because much more mushroom material is used.

Overall, mushroom extracts may be a better choice for people who want to get the maximum health benefits from eating mushrooms.

Lion's mane extract is a real treasure of nature, which is enriched with erinacins, beta-glucans and polysaccharides. Each of these components plays a key role in maintaining your health and well-being. Erynacins of all species were found only in the composition of Lion's mane.

Erinacins are powerful neuroprotective agents that can promote the regeneration of nerve cells and improve cognitive functions, including memory and concentration. These compounds dissolve myelin plaques on nerve fibers and protect you from Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. This makes the extract ideal for those seeking to maintain an active mind and a healthy nervous system.

Known for their ability to support the immune system, beta-glucans play an important role in strengthening your defenses against a variety of diseases. They help activate immune cells and improve the body's ability to resist infections.

Polysaccharides contribute to the overall health of the body by supporting gut health and promoting healthy digestion. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, making the extract a great choice for those struggling with inflammatory conditions.

Lion's mane extract from Fungi Circle is not just a supplement, it is an investment in your health, well-being and longevity. By including it in your daily diet, you will provide your body with powerful support, promoting optimal health and feeling a surge of vitality.

Administration: Take 3 capsules in the morning before meals.

Release form Capsules
Кількість капсул 90
Stock Gelatin capsule, Erinacin, Beta-glucans, Polysaccharides, Extract
Mushroom Lion's Mane
Придбала у вас екстракт їжовика, приймаю вже третій тиждень,бучу покращення, але думаю буде ще більше позитивних змін! Хочу ще спробувати кордіцепс.
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Extract of Lion's Mane caps

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