"We, Oleg and Tanya, started our journey in 2018, inspired by the story of the world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets. At that time, we discovered the unique healing possibilities of mushrooms.

Having personally experienced the incredible effects of these marvelous natural resources, especially in the context of our demanding professional responsibilities accompanied by stress and intense mental activity, the Lion's Mane and Fly Agaric mushrooms not only helped us overcome these challenges but also improved the quality of our sleep, increased concentration, and stimulated motivation.

Since then, we have been consistently delving into the topic of healing mushrooms: translating videos and scientific research, and even establishing our own experimental farm to cultivate Lion's Mane mushrooms. Additionally, we produce tinctures, ointments, and cosmetic creams based on Fly Agaric, unmatched by any other products in the Ukrainian market.

Now, we are ready to share this marvelous gift of nature with you. Welcome to the Fungi Circle!"