Payment methods:

  1. Bank card
  2. Western Union
  3. PayPal
  4. Cryptocurrency (USDT TRC20)

For delivery within Ukraine, we need your details:

  • Full name 
  • Phone number
  • City of receipt and branch/postamat number
  • If a receipt is required, please provide your email.

For international shipping:

  • Postal code: W91 HY33
  • Street: 28 TownSquare.
  • City: Blessington
  • Country: Ireland
  • Full name (ПІБ): Aleksandra Festenko
  • Phone: +353121212121

Please provide recipient details in Latin letters, and include new information on each line.

International shipping is carried out by Ukrposhta (the package will be marked "For external use").


Return policy:

A return takes up to 14 days.

A return is possible only if the product does not correspond to the description or if the packaging is damaged during the transportation process, the product is not eligible for exchange.