Rejection syndrome: The difference between microdosing and antidepressants

❓"If I start microdosing, will I have to take it all the time?" - this is a question that we are asked very often.

Let's start with the fact that microdosing is not addictive. You don't start to feel an overwhelming need to take it all the time. Moreover, fly agaric does not cause a withdrawal syndrome, unlike many antidepressants.

Withdrawal syndrome is when you suddenly stop taking the drug. It is usually accompanied by headache, weakness, rapid heartbeat, nausea, sleep disturbances, anxiety, panic attacks, aggressiveness and suicidal thoughts. Of course, you will not feel all of this bouquet, but something from the list will definitely be there.

So, remember once again, there is NO withdrawal and addiction syndrome in microdosing!

🍄 Mushroom is a natural broad-spectrum antidepressant. Microdosing helps to normalize the psychological state and can be an effective method of withdrawing antidepressants.

You can always stop taking microdosing at any time, and it will not affect your psycho-emotional state.

For each client individually, we draw up instructions according to his indicators and requests

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