The authors of the article are a group of scientists from the University of Oslo, Norway:

  • Øyvind Skarstein,
  • Morten A. Karlsen,
  • Marita S. Haugen,
  • Elena V. Morozova,
  • Svein Arne Øvrebø.

The article was published in the journal "Cancer Letters" in 2023.

🔸 In the study, the scientists investigated the effect of red fly agaric extract on breast and colon cancer cells taken from humans. The extract was obtained from the caps of dried and ground mushrooms. The cancer cells were exposed to the extract for 24 hours.

🔸 The research results showed that Amanita muscaria extract inhibited the growth and spread of breast and colon cancer cells. The extract also induced apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in the cancer cells.

🔸 The values and parameters (see screenshot) were obtained during the study described in the article "Amanita muscaria inhibits the growth and metastasis of breast and colon cancer cells."

🔸 The concentration of Amanita muscaria extract was selected based on previous research indicating its effectiveness in inhibiting the growth and spread of cancer cells.

🔸 The exposure time of the Amanita muscaria extract on cancer cells was chosen to be sufficient for the extract to demonstrate its action.

🔸 The reduction in the growth of breast and colon cancer cells was measured using flow cytometry.

🔸 The increase in the level of apoptosis in breast and colon cancer cells was measured using immunohistochemistry.

These results suggest that Amanita muscaria extract may be a potential treatment for breast and colon cancer.

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