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* Not a medicinal product.

** This product does not contain narcotic or psychotropic substances and is legal on the territory of Ukraine & USA.

Cordyceps is a genus of approximately 600 species of fungi that are naturally parasitic on insects and sometimes other fungi. They settle on larvae or adult insects, "introducing" themselves into their bodies as a parasite that uses the host as a source of nutrients. Cordyceps mushrooms, in addition, are an object of study both from the point of view of mycology and from the point of view of folk and modern science. The high content of various substances with a strong pharmacological and biological effect is the cause of interest.

The effect of cordyceps was first discovered in Asia, where most species of these mushrooms grow. Observing domestic animals that consumed mushrooms or mycelium, people found that such animals were healthier, produced more offspring and had an increased milk yield in cattle. Man has not only learned to find this valuable raw material, but has also learned to cultivate it in an artificial environment for medicinal purposes.

Cordyceps, like other mushrooms, contains a diverse set of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and biologically active substances. This complex determines the multi-vector effect of mushroom-based drugs on the human body. In medicine, cordyceps is used to increase immunity, strengthen the body, stimulate the reproductive system, increase libido, restore liver and kidney function and antimicrobial activity.

Cordyceps militaris is the most common type of Cordyceps in medical practice. It contains useful components such as cordycepin, adenosine, beta-glucans and other polysaccharides. The ratio of these components depends on the form of cordyceps and its processing, which affects the bioavailability and content of active substances.

The following medical effect is distinguished:

  • Enhancement of human immune function and anticancer effect.
  • Antibacterial effect.
  • It works well in case of pulmonary cough, acute and chronic bronchitis, asthma, etc.
  • Has an effect against fatigue and aging.
  • Sedative action.
  • Stimulates libido.
  • Effect on the cardiovascular system.
Release form Capsules
Stock Gelatin capsule, Cordyceps
Weight 100
Mushroom Cordyceps militaris
Про користь і дію кордіцепсу почула від знайомих. Замовляла неодноразово протягом минулого та нинішнього років. Позитивну дію цього гриба відразу почула. З'явилась енергія, бадьорість, ясність думок, а основне : вірусні та простудні захворювання оминають мене стороною. Можу упевнено про це сказати, оскільки працюю в школі і контактую з великою кількістю дітей. Щиро дякую за якісний продукт. Відчуваю, як з прийомом кордіцепсу, моє здоров'я та якість життя покращились.
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Cordyceps militaris caps

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